Thorough retrospective analysis of your trades can help to perfect and ensure future growth and development consistently with ones desired objectives. Employing this principle in your trading has the greatest benefit to achieving one's trading goals. So much so that it should be part of every trader's trading plan to review past trades to improve performance.

This monthly webinar is conducted as a means to instil this principle in all who attend by conducting a thorough analysis of your trades in a team environment, so not only do you benefit from the post-trade review but so do all attendees.

This is your chance to ask an independent trader your questions on anything including hand-holding through your first trades.

When submitting your trades please provide the following information:

• Name of market e.g. GBPUSD

• The direction of trade – long or short

• The strategy that you used – either the Trend Flow or Momentum Breakout strategy

• A screenshot of the trigger and confirmation charts at the time of the trade

• Chart annotations – identify the level of support for the Momentum Breakout strategy; identify the trigger candlestick for the Trend Flow strategy

• A screenshot showing the outcome of the trade

In order for us to include your trades in the webinar format, please submit your trades in PowerPoint format. If you do not have this software there are equivalent free resources such as OpenOffice or Google Docs that allow you to save files in “PowerPoint Presentation” format.

Please submit your trades and questions to [email protected] at least 24 hours before the session start.