Clients of ETX Capital have free access to an eight-hour education package covering technical analysis, trading strategies and risk & money management.

Once clients have attended the program, they are supported through their trading learning journey via ongoing live monthly trading clinics where past trades are analysed and questions answered. All these sessions are run by an independent trader.

It is traditional to teach trading strategies as a simple concise set of rules that can be followed as if they have some mystical power to predict future outcomes of the markets. The reality is that trading strategies evolve over time based on observations of experienced traders. The rules represent iterations of refinement to create an edge in the market based on core principles of technical analysis and risk management.

If you want to learn a trading strategy you need to understand it and own it. There should be a natural progression of logic such that the strategy rules act not as a set of instructions to be blindly followed but as a summary of a logical thought process based on sound principles of trading and an understanding of market behaviour.

These are the foundation principles of our education.

In this webinar, we will introduce one of the strategies that are taught to our clients: the Trend Flow strategy.