Equities Trading Strategies

Equities trading is a highly popular method of trading – billions are traded on international stock exchanges every day. Here are some pointers to consider before you begin your journey in equities trading:

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    CFD Equities

    When trading on CFD Equities, investors do not trade actual stocks, but instead trade on the movement of stocks in the market. The more a stock moves in favour of a trader’s open position, the greater the return the trader gains. Conversely, the more a stock moves in the direction contrary to a trader’s open position, the higher the loss on the trade.

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    Trading Strategy Courses

    To learn more about equities trading strategies, you can sign up to our regular trading seminars or webinars, all of which are free to ETX Capital clients.

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    Responding Quickly to Volatile Markets

    The stock market is subject to volatility, which means that stock prices can be very fast moving. Because of this, traders must be able to quickly react to changing scenarios within the industry in which they are trading. Responding quickly to financial news can significantly change the outcome of a trade – sometimes it can take mere seconds for a trade to veer from profit to a loss.

    Mobile trading apps are an ideal way of giving traders the opportunity to learn about and respond to financial news updates instantly, rather than having to rely on the presence of a desktop in order to proceed with trading decisions.

    ETX Capital offers mobile trading apps for Android and iOS devices. The company also provides trade-through charts and tools such as trading hotlists, enabling users to execute trades as efficiently as possible.

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