Eligibility criteria

If you have an ETX account and answer 'yes' to at least two of the following criteria, you could be eligible for professional trader status.

Do you have a financial portfolio, including cash deposits and financial instruments, worth over €500,000?

Have you worked in the financial sector, in a professional position which requires knowledge of derivatives trading, for at least a year?

Have you placed 10 significantly sized trades per quarter in the last year?

If you are interested in becoming a professional trader, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Why choose ETX?

Our combination of industry experience, personable service and award-winning technology makes ETX your ideal broker.


Trusted and local

Regulated and supervised by FCA and founded in London, we are your local broker.


Dedicated account manager

Pro traders have a dedicated account manager to support their trading needs.


Award-winning technology

Trade on our multi-award-winning platform, no matter where you are.


Access the global markets

Trade the global markets instantly and find your next trading opportunity across FX, Indices, Commodities and Shares.

Professional Trader

Important to note

Please note that professional clients lose certain investor protections afforded to retail traders, including:

  • Negative Balance Protection – you'll be responsible for keeping your account balance positive and you could lose more than you have invested
  • Leverage – gaining access to higher leverage means you risk magnifying your losses
  • Communication – we'll use more technical language about our products and we will not be required to include the standardised risk warning offered to retail clients
  • Best Execution – the factors we consider when determining the delivery of 'Best Execution' may differ between retail and professional clients

If we are comfortable that you have the relevant expertise, experience and knowledge of our products – you will be classified as a professional trader.


How do I become a professional trader?

Register for an account and email our Customer Service team at [email protected]. We will be in touch to detail further steps, such as verifying your proof of eligibility.

When asked by our team, please provide one or more of the following documents:

  • Bank, broker or investment portfolio statement OR letter from a notary confirming your net worth
  • Payslip or letter from your employer
  • Trade statement from another broker or financial institution