You will learn

We will dive deep into major FX markets such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY…. Major Global Indices Wall Street, SP 500, Germany 30, UK 100… Commodities Gold, Silver, Crude Oil

Explore Technical indicators such as Moving Averages, Fibbonacchi Retracements, Technical drawings
Discover what execution methods traders will be using on the night… Buy Limit, Sell limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop.. Basic risk management skills which help you understand and identify the risk of your positions

TraderPro hacks… Have you screen setup to show all your charts, save layouts and chart templates.

This webinar will be limited to 100 attendees on a first come first serve basis.

Webinar Host

With a vast experience trading as a full time prop trader and trading client funds for a hedge fund, Michael has been exposed to some of the biggest market moving events. Using a straightforward approach to analysing the charts, he presents various webinars in his areas of expertise including FX, Indices and crypto-currencies.

In-depth description of this webinar

As we count down the final days to the US election 2020 we take one final look at what to expect in the coming days and the night itself. The 90-minute session will be packed with information on how markets may react in various scenarios. We will adopt a traditional trader’s mindset by not emotionally pegging ourselves to a particular outcome we believe or want to happen but by visualising all outcomes. We will explore what the ramifications are for a Biden or Trump win. The US dollar has been on a rollercoaster this year, will investors continue to shun the global reserve currency due to the deteriorating outlook? The weak dollar couple with traders seeking a safe haven has caused gold to rally, where does this election leave us with the precious yellow metal? Trump has often said he believes there will be fraud at the election, what happens if he delays handing over power? The president’s health is under intense scrutiny due to his recent contraction of convid-19, what happens to markets if he is not well enough to take part? Having a thorough understanding of events will give you the confidence to execute your trading plan when the time comes. The analysis part of the show will be conducted within our award winning TraderPro Platform.