You will learn

            7-7.45pm Professional Trading Education and Q & A

              Maurice Pomery: Strategy Mentor
    • Biden Stimulus Package: Short term success?

    • Richard Adcock: Technical Analysis Mentor
    • ADX: Another way to look at trending

    • Roger Hawes: Psychology Mentor
    • Trade planning and Execution

    • 7.45-8.30pm Real-Time Education and Q & A

      Maurice Pomery: Strategy Mentor
    • Real time analysis and assessment for Indices and G10 Currencies: Where are markets currently and looking forward to the week ahead 

      Richard Adcock: Technical Analysis Mentor
    • Current technical set up for markets right now: Live ETX markets for Indices and G10 Currencies

Webinar Host


With a staggering 92 years of industry experience between them, hosts Maurice Pomery, Richard Adcock and Roger Hawes boast the likes of UBS, Swiss Bank and HSBC on their CVs. They’ve attained high positions for some of the largest financial corporations in the world, have managed teams in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong and won awards for their technical analysis. The three are teaming up for this Thursday’s webinar to offer you their expertise in a compact, valuable session where you have the chance to learn directly from some of the top names in the industry. 

Maurice Pomery

Strategy Mentor

For thirty years Maurice has traded a broad spectrum of asset classes; his specialist strategy has brought him to the attention of some of the biggest position takers in the world. With experience at UBS and Dresdner as a proprietary trader, and is currently using his economics and technical analysis skills to create daily strategy that is utilised by some of the largest institutions in the industry.

Roger Hawes

Trading Psychology Mentor

Roger has worked in the Financial Markets as a spot FX trader and manager for over 37 years. Initial spells at ANZ and Swiss Bank Corporation saw him develop his skills covering a broad range of currency pairs including those in the old European Monetary System (EMS). In 1998 he moved to NatWest (latterly RBS) eventually becoming Global Head of Spot FX in 2004 managing teams in Edinburgh, New York, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Richard Adcock

Technical Analysis Mentor

Richard Adcock MSTA is an award winning technical analyst and specialises in Candlestick analysis, combining it with momentum and trending techniques to establish both long and short term strategies. Richard has held key roles with Investment Research of Cambridge Ltd, Credit Lyonnais, HSBC and UBS, where he managed both the rates and FX technical teams.

In-depth description of this webinar

In this week’s Learn To Trade Like Professional Traders webinar, we’re drilling down into 
Biden’s stimulus package proposal and what short-term opportunities it brings with it for traders. On the technical front, learn another way of understanding the strength of a trend with the ADX indicator. Finally, the psychology segment will be all about the planning and execution of your trades.