You will learn

  • Which markets suit your trading style
  • Techniques to scan the markets for trading opportunities
  • How to manage a trade once it has been entered

Webinar Host

Joining Trade With Precision in early 2015, Adam's primary focus is finding strong and established trends, no matter the market. Trading across all instruments and on various time frames, he employs sound and intuitive trading strategies that provide real, practical, sensible and consistent results.

In-depth description of this webinar

There is more to successful trading than learning a strategy!

The only way to develop your skills for trading, and for executing the strategies that we teach on this course, is to place real trades. As you do this a number of questions may come to mind that are not addressed by the rules of the trading strategies and are not typically discussed in books:

  • Which markets should I be looking at?
  • How do I scan the markets to find trading opportunities?
  • How do I control my financial risk on an individual trade?
  • Bid and ask price – which should I use, and how are they related to stop and limit orders?
  • What do I do if price does not reach my entry price?
  • What do I do once the order is triggered?
  • How should I set realistic profit targets?
  • Should I maintain records of my trades, and if so, how?
  • What do I need to do to participate in the Trading Clinic sessions?

The purpose of this two-hour webinar is to give you tips and guidance to the types of questions that only arise when you are ready to put your trading into practice.

Experienced traders understand that there is a high element of randomness to the markets - therefore they will experience both winning and losing trades whilst following a trading strategy. It is essential that the use of a strategy is combined with responsible money management and risk management. Different traders following the same strategy will achieve different levels of performance, and there is no guarantee of profitable trading.