You will learn

  • How to analyse a trend
  • How to manage your trade risk
  • The technical analysis components and rules for the Trend Flow Strategy

Webinar Host

Mike Warren-Smith

With 10 years experience working across multiple continents and several multi-national corporations, Michael joined Trade With Precision in 2014 to teach others how to make positive changes to their trading careers, offering unique insights that can help take your trading to the next level.

In-depth description of this webinar

By taking advantage of the natural waves that occur within a trend it is possible to identify opportunities to trade in the direction of the trend with controlled risk.

In this two hour webinar, the complete rules of the trend flow strategy will be disclosed; however, the goal of the webinar is not simply to give you a set of rules for you to blindly follow. This would be like a driving instructor teaching you how to travel from London to Manchester: we think it is better that you learn to drive!

If you trade a strategy, you should understand it and own it. If a rule exists, it should be justified and reasoned. So, we will teach you core principles of technical analysis, and the rules will be developed based on these principles.

You will see a natural progression of logic such that the strategy rules act not as a set of instructions to be blindly followed but as a summary of a logical thought process based on sound principles of trading and understanding of trend behaviour.


  • Introduction
  • Foundations
  • Introducing the Trend Flow Strategy
  • Managing Risk
  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis
  • Rules for the Trend Flow Strategy
  • Examples

It is essential that the use of a strategy is combined with responsible money management and risk management. Different traders following the same strategy will achieve different levels of performance, and there is no guarantee of profitable trading.