You will learn

  • The technical analysis techniques that are useful to know
  • How to use moving averages as a leading indicator
  • Discover the hidden information concealed in candlesticks

Webinar Host

Roger Tricco

Whilst building his career in sales, Roger's passion for trading stocks soon developed into a full-time profession. Now part of Trade With Precision after finding success trading options and futures, his journey is one that Retail traders can truly relate to.

In-depth description of this webinar

There is a well-known saying in trading: "the trend is your friend".  And yet many traders fail to identify trends until it is too late, or they do not have a strategy or appropriate skills to take advantage of the trend.

The traditional skills of technical analysis often work great with hindsight, but trading live markets involve making decisions on the right-hand edge of the chart.

This webinar will discuss some of the essential skills required to make those trading decisions and will illustrate them by discussing the Trend Flow Strategy.