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WeWork IPO - Everything you need to know

Ben Weiss, Thursday, 1 August 2019

WeWork, officially known as WeCompany, is a revolutionary firm that changed the perceptions of what shared-office working is all about. It filed to go public earlier this year, but when is WeWork’s IPO? Here’s everything you need to know about WeCompany going public.

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Cannabis Trading – How to trade cannabis stocks

Ben Weiss, Wednesday, 31 July 2019

The cannabis industry's legality is still widely debated today, but the momentum it has gained over the past few years is undeniable. As cannabis' popularity rises, more and more companies are emerging in the industry and naturally, an interest in trading these companies is arising. So here's everything you need to know about cannabis trading and how to trade cannabis stocks.

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Weekly Review: William (going down) Hill as shops close

Ben Weiss, Friday, 5 July 2019

You win some you lose some. For William Hill at the moment, it appears they’re currently losing. The firm announced this week that a number of stores will close. Elsewhere, several indices hit record highs and Bitcoin seems is even more volatile than ever.

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Wall Street at record high - will it continue?

Ben Weiss, Thursday, 4 July 2019

Since mid-June, it has seemed inevitable that the Dow would break through its (now previous) all-time high of 26953.5. Last night, the Dow finally managed to reach the historic milestone, but will the rise continue and how far will it go?

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Five powerful figures who can affect the markets

Ben Weiss, Wednesday, 3 July 2019

A president, a social influencer and an eccentric engineer… it sounds like the start of a bad joke. But all these have one thing in common when it comes to trading; they all have the potential to affect the markets in a pretty big way. Find out who we think has the greatest influence on the markets.

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Why did Bitcoin’s price fall and is the rally over?

Ben Weiss, Friday, 28 June 2019

Bitcoin has had a great 2019 so far, and June has to be the peak. It was all going so well. After nearly reaching $14,000 mere days after smashing through the $10,000 level, the rally was in full swing. So why did Bitcoin's price suddenly fall and is the crypto rally now over?

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