Stay ahead of financial markets

With MetaTrader 4 you can analyse financial markets, perform advanced trading operations and run Expert Advisor trading robots.


Execution Speed

We are responsible for the price feeds and the infrastructure behind the execution of trades on our MT4 platform. On average 94% of ETX trades on MT4 are executed in 30 milliseconds or less (as of 4th January, 2019).


Automated Expert Advisers

This trading feature helps to analyse price quotes and execute trading operations automatically, relieving you from routine trading and market analysis.

Other features and benefits

There are many benefits of trading on MT4 through ETX Capital.


Trade Micro-Lots

We enable you to trade in smaller increments, helping to limit your overall exposure and instances of over-leveraging.


One-Click Trading

React rapidly to changing market conditions with our One-Click Trading tool, enabling you to open positions efficiently with a single click.



We allow you to hedge your exposure by going long and short on the same market at the same time.


Virtual Private Server (VPS)

We offer a VPS service located very close to our MT4 servers, which gives you that vital speed edge and ensures you can be in the markets when your PC is not switched on.

Get MT4 on your computer

Download and install our free desktop terminal in order to start trading on MT4.


The MT4 app allows you to monitor your trades from anywhere, with access to real-time price quotes, trade orders and detailed trading history.

Advanced functionality

Take advantage of customisable charting tools on the go, chat with any registered MQL5 community user and switch quickly between financial instruments on charts.

Technical Analysis

Enjoy interactive real-time charts with zoom and scroll options on the go. Use 30 most popular technical indicators, 24 analytical objects (including lines and geometric shapes) and Fibonacci and Elliott tools, to forecast market trends. 

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