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Log in to your MT4 account as usual via the ETX Connect app.

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Enjoy trading with all the new and
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Immerse yourself into the community

Be a part of the community by chatting to the other traders, copying the trades of other users and following the portfolios of thousands of members of the network.


Easily integrate with your MT4 account

Once downloaded, your existing MT4 account will be automatically synchronised from within the ETX Connect app. Simply log in as normal and find all your preferences and trades ready.

Other Features

Discover the other impressive benefits of downloading the ETX Connect app.


Instant trading execution

Enjoy the same instant execution you'd expect from the desktop and our regular MT4 app when opening or closing a trade using ETX Connect.


Market access 24-7

Trade the markets from the palm of your hand anywhere around the globe. With 24-hour trading available, never miss an opportunity again.


Have your say on the markets

Chat to traders on a one-to-one basis and enter group chats of like-minded people to see relevant discussions.


A range of analytical tools

Find your next trading opportunity by analysing the markets using a full complement of technical indicators and analytical tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

ETX Connect is entirely free of charge, just like our regular trading services. You will, however, still be subjected to the industry-wide trading costs that every broker applies to trades to cover the costs of executing orders. 

Are there any additional costs in using ETX Connect?

As long as they are a part of the Pelican network (e.g. their broker has their own white-labelled Pelican app like ETX Connect), then you will be able to connect, follow and interact with them. 

Can I still connect, follow and interact with someone from another broker?

You have the option how visible you allow your profile and trading activity to be. If you don’t want anyone seeing your trades, there’s an option to hide your account while still being able to follow and connect with others. 

Will my profile, trading activity and portfolio be seen by everyone?

MT4 is completely synchronised with ETX Connect. Any trade or order you make on ETX Connect will reflect on your desktop version, and vice-versa. 

Will changes I make on ETX Connect show up on my desktop MT4 account?

At this moment in time, you cannot use ETX Connect for TraderPro, however, you are able to open a TraderPro and MT4 account with us and trade simultaneously with both if you wish.

Can I use ETX Connect for TraderPro?

Questions? We're here to help you

If you have any questions that haven't been answered above or want to learn more about ETX Connect, get in touch with your account manager or email us at [email protected]

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