Bitcoin 2019 timeline – The highs, lows and significant price points

Ben Weiss, Monday, 3 June 2019

Bitcoin timeline

Bitcoin is well and truly back after yesterday marking another milestone in its impressive 2019 recovery; breaking above the $9,000 mark. But it’s perhaps not surprising that it continues to progress given the year it’s had. Here are the significant levels that Bitcoin’s price has reached in 2019, with brief definitions explaining major price changes.  

18 December 2017 ($19,529) – Bitcoin price reaches an all-time high

Late-2017 saw what was notoriously the peak price Bitcoin has reached in its ten-year history. The Bitcoin bubble then burst, and its price fell over 50% in the next month. From then, it continued to suffer further losses.

18 Dec Bitcoin

2 January 2019 ($3,714) – Bitcoin opens into the new year  

After falling around 50% in the last two months of 2018, Bitcoin’s price resided at around the $3,800 mark as the year kicked off. At this point, even some crypto optimists saw hope in a full resurgence fade.

2 Jan Bitcoin

6 February 2019 ($3,329) – Bitcoin reaches its 2019 low

Bitcoin resides at its lowest price of the year. It had previously been at this level in late-2018, but before that point it had not been at such a low since September 2017.

6 Feb Bitcoin

18 March 2019 ($4,016) – Bitcoin breaks the $4,000 level

Gradual increases take Bitcoin’s price above the $4,000 mark.

18 Mar Bitcoin

2 April 2019 ($5,077) – Bitcoin soars nearly 25% in one day

A seemingly random spike in Bitcoin’s price occurs as it soars above the $5,000 mark. It was expected that an April Fool’s article falsely claiming the approval of Bitcoin ETF by the SEC. However, with there being no subsequent fall in Bitcoin’s price, it seems these claims may have been unfounded.

2 April Bitcoin

9 May 2019 ($6,098) – Bitcoin hits the $6,000 mark

Bitcoin breaks above the $6,000 mark for the first time since 14 November 2018.

9 May Bitcoin

13 May 2019 ($7,977) – Bitcoin opens over 900 points up

 As Bitcoin reopened from the weekend, it saw an impressive 900-point spike as it headed towards $8,000.

13 May Bitcoin

14 May 2019 ($8,330) – Bitcoin breaks above the $8,000

Inevitably, just a day later Bitcoin hit its next milestone as it passed the $8,000 mark for the first time in ten months.

14 May Bitcoin

30 May 2019 ($9,086)– Bitcoin breaks above $9,000 mark

Despite almost instantly crashing back down, as if the bulls had exerted all their efforts on getting to $9,000 and once achieved, gave in to a resurgence from the bears, Bitcoin’s price briefly surpassed $9,000. Perhaps this was a level that a lot of short-term bulls had pin-pointed, and once it was hit the selling commenced. 

30 May Bitcoin

1-4 June 2019 ($7,727) – Bitcoin suffers biggest sustained loss of the year

Despite hitting the prestigious $9,000 mark less than a week earlier, Bitcoin sustained its worst sustained losses of the year. A greater fall was seen in mid-May, but the drop was almost instantly followed by a subsequent rise in the price. The difference with this June fall is that Bitcoin's price has not recovered. 

Bitcoin 3 Jun

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