You will learn

  • The variables you need to consider before you start trading
  • How different style of trading work with different markets
  • How to trade while in full time employment

Webinar Host


Roger Tricco

Whilst building his career in sales, Roger's passion for trading stocks soon developed into a full-time profession. Now part of Trade With Precision after finding success trading options and futures, his journey is one that Retail traders can truly relate to.

In-depth description of this webinar

In this day and age time is a valuable resource for all of us, and with the cost of living on the rise, many people are looking for other ways to improve their financial position. Today it’s more common for people to consider different options to the regular day job to help meet their future financial objectives, and trading is becoming a more popular choice. 

However, how do you start trading whist also having an already busy lifestyle?
Most of us experience the on-going juggling act between our trading and non-trading commitments while we try to keep the optimal balance of work, family, health and leisure time in addition to focused trading time. 

This webinar focuses on some essential tips and techniques for fitting trading into a busy lifestyle and will discuss: 

  • Four personal variables to consider before commencing trading
  • Different styles of trading and suitable markets to apply them on
  • How to fit your trading around your lifestyle?
  • Choosing a market that suites you
  • Choosing  a timeframe that matches your lifestyle and trading style
  • Tips for managing your trading business whilst also having a full-time job