You will learn

  • What qualifies as true support and true resistance
  • Why multiple time frame analysis is essential
  • The technical analysis components and rules for the Momentum Breakout Strategy

Webinar Host


Adam Harris

Joining Trade With Precision in early 2015, Adam's primary focus is finding strong and established trends, no matter the market. Trading across all instruments and on various time frames, he employs sound and intuitive trading strategies that provide real, practical, sensible and consistent results.

In-depth description of this webinar

Technical analysis is the study of patterns that occur repeatedly on our price charts. One of the most important concepts in technical analysis is the idea of support and resistance levels. The momentum breakout strategy exploits these levels at the point where they are met by an ongoing trend. The levels identify precise levels for entering a trade, and the structure of the trend gives a controlled way of managing our risk.

In this two hour webinar, the complete rules of the momentum breakout strategy will be disclosed. If you trade a strategy, you should understand it and own it. If a rule exists, it should be justified and reasoned. So, we will teach you the core principles of technical analysis, and the rules will be developed based on these principles.

You will see a natural progression of logic such that the strategy rules act not as a set of instructions to be blindly followed but as a summary of a logical thought process based on sound principles of trading and understanding of trend behaviour.


  • Introduction
  • Support and Resistance
  • Managing Risk
  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis
  • Rules for the Momentum Breakout Strategy
  • Examples