You will learn

  • How to interpret price action and charts
  • how to find entry and exit points
  • How to use the basic lines all traders should be able to apply to their charts

Webinar Host


Barry Norman

With 35+ years of financial market knowledge and experience, Barry´s trading style is that of a traditionalist, considering both technical and fundamental aspects when assessing trading opportunities for a balanced view. Awarded with “Best Education in Europe” by Globe Banking & Finance, his webinars and seminars have been attended by over 100,000 traders.

In-depth description of this webinar

The first step for any new trader or any level trader joining ETX Capital is to learn the basics.

Education and experience go hand and hand.

This is the 3rd class in a 4-week course that is presented each month to make sure our traders get off on the right foot.

In this webinar we will begin to look at:

  • How we can interpret price action on charts
  • Find entry and exit points by applying technical analysis
  • Basic chart lines
  • Trends
  • Support and resistance levels