You will learn

  • Why is a trading plan important
  • What should be incorporated into a trading plan
  • Where do you start

Webinar Host


Barry Norman

With 35+ years of financial market knowledge and experience, Barry´s trading style is that of a traditionalist, considering both technical and fundamental aspects when assessing trading opportunities for a balanced view. Awarded with “Best Education in Europe” by Globe Banking & Finance, his webinars and seminars have been attended by over 100,000 traders.

In-depth description of this webinar

Successful traders do several things that amateurs often forget. They plan a trading strategy, they follow the markets, and they track, and analyse each of their trades. The first step is building a strategic trading plan. This is often overlooked by novice traders. A trading plan does not only incorporate your strategies and how you will decide to make a trade, it will incorporate risk management as well as defined entry and exit plans. You may have heard the adage, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This is particularly true in online trading as well as investing. Successful traders start with a sound plan and they stick to it at all times. This will help take the emotion out of your trading.

In this class, we will help guide you along your way to build your own trading plan, so you can choose the assets that are right for you, set your trading goals, strategy, decide how long you will stay in a position, set your risk tolerance, trading log and how to evaluate your performance.