You will learn

  • Trading terminology
  • What the Forex market is and understand CFDs
  • The importance of Risk Management in-platform

Webinar Host


Barry Norman

With 35+ years of financial market knowledge and experience, Barry´s trading style is that of a traditionalist, considering both technical and fundamental aspects when assessing trading opportunities for a balanced view. Awarded with “Best Education in Europe” by Globe Banking & Finance, his webinars and seminars have been attended by over 100,000 traders.

In-depth description of this webinar

<p>The first step for any new trader or any level trader joining ETX Capital is to learn the basics.</p>
<p>Education and experience go hand and hand. This is the first class in a 4-week course that is presented each month to make sure our traders get off on the right foot.</p>
<p>This class covers:</p>
<ul class="list--gold-bulleted">
    <li>Terminology, such as bid and ask</li>
    <li>Risk and reward</li>
    <li>What are CFDs</li>
    <li>What is the forex market all about</li>
    <li>The importance of risk and money management</li>
<p> We will also walk you through the ETX Capital trading platform so that you can maximise your trading decisions.</p>