Understanding the way in which your account valuation works will assist you in gauging the current status of your funds and allow you to effectively employ your capital.

On ETX TraderPro, there are a number of key calculations which can be found at the top of your screen.

These consist of Balance, Profit/Loss, Margin, Margin %, Equity and TFA and they represent:

  • Balance - The realised Cash balance on the account (not including any current liabilities).
  • Profit/Loss - Combined profit and loss of all your open positions
  • Margin - Current funds set aside to cover margin for open positions.
  • Margin % - This is your equity as a percentage of your Margin. Used for margin call calculations.
  • Equity - Your live balance, the most accurate reflection of the current status of your account.
  • TFA - Trade Funds Available. How much funds you have left to open positions.

As you begin to place trades on the account, these values will change. It’s important to understand why these numbers are changing and what it means for your trading. Read our complete guide on account valuation here.

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