The ETX professional client service

Being classified as a professional trader means that we will be able to tailor our products and trading conditions to meet your trading needs:


Lower margin rates

From 0.35% on major FX pairs and indices. Note that you risk larger losses due to increased leverage.


Personal relationship manager

Expert support direct from our trading floor.


Market analysis

Receive the latest trading ideas direct to your inbox.


ICF protected

Your funds will also continue to be segregated and will remain ICF protected.

Important to note

Please be aware that if you choose to register as a Professional trader with any CFD provider, you will lose the protections afforded to clients classified as ‘Retail’ under CySEC rules. The main protections you will lose are:

Negative Balance Protection – you will be responsible for keeping your account balance positive and you could lose more than the sum you have invested

Leverage – by gaining access to higher leverage you risk magnifying your losses

Communication – we will use more sophisticated language when promoting our products and we will not be required to provide you with the standardised risk warning we provide to ‘Retail’ clients

Best Execution – the factors we consider when determining the delivery of Best Execution may differ between Retail and Professional clients

Products – we will assess how appropriate a product is based on your knowledge and experience

You will only be treated as Professional if we are comfortable you have the relevant expertise, experience and knowledge considering the high risk nature of our products.

Professional Trader

Eligibility criteria

You need to be an ETX account holder and meet two of the three criteria below to become a professional trader:

  • Have a financial portfolio, including cash deposits and financial instruments, worth over EUR 500 000 in total.
  • Have held (or currently hold) a professional position within the financial sector for at least one year which required knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged. 
  • Traded at an average frequency of ten trades per quarter, for the previous four consecutive quarters.

If you are interested in becoming a professional trader, get in touch with our Customer Service team by email at [email protected]


How to register

Register for an account and email our Customer Service team at [email protected] to register your interest to become a professional trader. We will be in touch with further registration documentation.

You will need to provide proof of your eligibility. The following documents are acceptable and can be scanned and sent by email:

  • Bank, Broker or investment portfolio statement OR letter from a notary confirming net worth
  • Payslip or letter from employer
  • Trade statement from another broker / financial institution