ETX TraderPro

The TraderPro platform has been designed to give traders greater scope to realising their ambitions. With a wider range of markets and a larger array of useful trading tools, ETX TraderPro is a natural choice for serious traders.



If you’re looking to add a different dimension to your trading, you’ve come to the right place. Select from a wide variety of charts and use a number of different drawing tools in order to reach your own trading conclusions. The direct nature of the platform, which allows you to open up a product’s chart and then trade on that product straight away, means that no time needs to be lost in between coming to a trading conclusion and putting that conclusion into action.


Work out the value per pip of your trade quickly and easily by using the platform’s pip calculator tool. Position your trading deal tickets in the most convenient place on your screen, thanks to the drag-and-drop capability that the platform offers. Do you have a set of particular markets which you’d like to keep a closer eye on? No problem; with the ETX TraderPro platform you can create specific watch lists. Interested in finding out more about a specific product? The TraderPro product info tab, providing more information about the item in question, is just a click away. Take advantage of all the tools the TraderPro platform has an offer and experience the excitement of highly immersive trading.

Your Platform: Your Choice


At ETX, we know that every trader is looking for something different. That’s why the ETX TraderPro platform offers a significant level of customisation, allowing each user to shape the platform to their needs.


Tight Spreads

ETX Capital offers a competitive range of spreads to its clients – and the tightest of those spreads are available on the TraderPro platform. For example, in normal market conditions traders would be offered a spread of just 0.7 for EUR/USD, and 0.9 for Dollar-Sterling.

Multiple Markets

TraderPro gives you a heightened level of market access, with thousands of choices available to the platforms users. Choose from Indices and Equities available from a host of different countries, Commodities in soft, energy and metal formats, Indices both big and small and a large number of different equities from a variety of different locations.

Take TraderPro With You

ETX Capital offers all of its platforms in mobile format, meaning that you can access your TraderPro platform on your Apple or Android phone or tablet. Enjoy all of the features available on the desktop version of the product, with the added benefit of being able to move around freely while you trade.

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