Our Platforms: ETX MT4


ETX Capital is pleased to be able to offer its clients a hosted version of the MetaTrader4 platform. MT4 enables users to trade through the use of automatic ‘Expert Advisors’ and custom indicators, and is widely popular in the world of financial trading.

Automated Trading

Traders have the ability to use automated expert advisers to follow a set of pre-programmed trading instructions, giving the trader the ability to sit back and let the EA work automatically – although traders have the ability to change up their specified parameters whenever they wish.


MT4 Platform Benefits

Other platforms may only allow traders to open one chart at a time, but with ETX MT4, traders can have a large number of charts all open at the same time, allowing you access to a large amount of simultaneous market information. Create your own customised watch-lists with ease; simply drag and drop a given product or market into your chosen watch-list. With a large number of trading indicators also available, the MT4 platform gives traders access to benefits which other platforms may not.


So you never miss a trade, ETX Capital offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting on MT4, allowing you to use Expert Advisors and copy signal providers 24/7.

The VPS means you no longer need to rely on having your home computer on for your EAs to execute trades, ensuring uninterrupted trading day and night.

To request your VPS access, you can contact our customer service team on +44 (0) 20 7392 1494, or by email at customer.service@etxcapital.com.


Although MT4 traders usually trade with either standard lots or mini-lots which are a tenth of the size of standard lots, with the ETX MT4 platform traders also have access to micro-lots, which are a tenth of the size of mini-lots. This means that ETX MT4 users can trade with much smaller amounts than many other MT4 users.

MT4 Hedging

Unlike ETX Capital’s other platforms, ETX MT4 offers the traders the ability to hedge their trades, reducing the risk of an open position by ensuring that no matter which way the trade goes, the trader will still receive some sort of return.

Rapid Trading with One-Click Ability

You can shorten your trading response time with the one-click trading ability provided by the MT4 platform; don’t let fast-paced financial markets leave you in the wind.

Mobile Trading

The MT4 platform is available in mobile format, allowing traders to access their trading wherever they are. The ETX MT4 platform can be downloaded from the App or Android stores.

To register for an ETX MT4 account today, click here.

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