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In recent years, binary options have started to enjoy widespread popularity as a financial trading format.

In binary options trading, traders choose between two different possible results of a position in the market. However, unlike other forms of trading, if an instrument’s value moves in favour of a trader’s prediction, the trader will gain a fixed return regardless of the extent of the instrument’s movement. On the other hand, if the market moves in the direction against the favour of the trader, the trader loses the investment that they initially placed on the trade.

The ETX Binary platform enables traders to open positions on hundreds of products, classed under equities, commodities, FX currency pairs and indices.

Binary Options are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Different Types of Binary Options

ETX Capital’s binary trading platform offers a selection of different binary options that traders can take advantage of. Below we describe each of these methods in greater depth.

  • High/Low Binary Trading

    High/Low is the most frequently used type of binary option. Here, the trader will place money on a forecast that a certain product will either appreciate or depreciate from its current value by the end of a pre-specified time frame. If the outcome is in accordance with the trader’s prediction, the trader profits – if not, the trader makes a loss.

  • Binary One Touch

    This trading format works through the use of upper and lower thresholds, above and below the product’s position at the start of the trade. The trader has to make a decision as to whether the product in question will close above the threshold (in which case they would ‘buy’) or below the threshold (in which case they would sell). If they are correct then they will win; if they are not then they will lose.

  • Long Term and Short Term Trades

    Each method of binary options trading has a set expiry time at which a trade will close. At a pre-defined time some minutes before a trade expires, a trader will not be able to take a position on that particular trade, as the time period of that option is considered too short for the odds being offered.

    ETX Capital clients can select the timespan of the option themselves when trading binary options. The ETX Binary platform enables traders to open long term positions for up to a day and short term positions for as little as one minute. To learn more about trading binary options, take a look at our ‘How to Trade Binary Options’ page. Apply for an account today and start trading with ETX.


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  • Select Your Binary Format - As set out in further detail on the Binary options trading page, ETX Binary clients have a variety of exciting Binary Trading formats to choose from, and can select that which best suits their trading style.
  • Select Your Trade Size - Feeling confident? Or prefer cautiousness? Select your trade size to the amount you feel most comfortable with. Traders can stake any amount on a trade, from $15 to $2,000.
  • Binary Variety - With ETX Binary, you’re not limited to a specific type of financial product. Trade Forex, Commodities, Indices or Equities, all of which are available on the platform.


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